Day of the Fight

Day of the Fight is the directorial debut of Jack Huston and stars Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Pitt. It follows a once-renowned boxer as he takes a redemptive journey through his past and present, on the day of his first fight since he left prison.

Film Description

“Renowned actor Jack Huston’s (Kill Your Darlings, American Hustle) extraordinary writing/directing debut. With a loving nod to Stanley Kubrick’s 1951 documentary of the same name, Huston (of famed lineage: Walter, John, Anjelica et al) flips the script on the boxing-film genre with this exquisitely composed, delicate, and understated portrait of a complicated man coming to grips with his past. Replacing violence and brutality with tenderness and sensitivity, Huston’s deft, musical approach to the material is revelatory. Featuring stunning performances from Michael Pitt as former middleweight champ Mikey Flannigan, Nicolette Robinson as his estranged lover, Ron Perlman as his coach, and an unforgettable Joe Pesci as Mikey’s wordless and ailing dad, Day of the Fight pulls no punches whatsoever with its aesthetic beauty and a deeply felt emotional resonance. Truly a knock-out.” - KD Davis


Michael Pitt, Joe Pesci, Ron Perlman




Jack Huston


Jack Huston




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